SVC 5kWh LiFePO4 – 48V 100AH Lithium Battery (BMV – Wall Mounted)

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  • Long lifespan: 10 years + life design
  • Elegant and Stylish, wall-mounted installation
  • LFP rechargable battery
  • High protection measures, built-in Aerosol active fire protection module, thermal runaway detection and active fire protection
  • The priority level of photovoltaic, utility power and battery is selectable
  • 1P65 protection suitable for outdoor or Indoor Installation
  • Communication: RS485/CAN/SNMP k)/Wifi/Bluetooth, Compatible with different brand of solar inverter and chargers
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SVC’s 5kWh 48v LiFePO4 lithium battery sets the benchmark for solar energy storage. It represents a pioneering leap in solar technology, meticulously designed by world-renowned experts. This lithium solar battery showcases the cutting-edge features currently leading the solar energy industry, offering unmatched performance and a reputation for unwavering reliability.

Engineered to endure the most challenging conditions found in renewable energy applications, the 5kWh – 48V 100AH LiFePO4 lithium battery is your ideal choice, delivering exceptional value and performance for your installation needs, ensuring you receive the best in both quality and efficiency.

  • It has a wide range of selectable mains input voltage.
  • Cells cycle times 6000 cycles (+25°C 0.2C 80% DOD)
  • Smart BMS system to optimize performance
  • Cold Start Function supported
  • 360 degree protection: such as SOC/SOH, over-discharge, overload, over-temperature, short-circuit protection
  • With front display panel for easy access to status of the batteries
  • High discharge rate currents, suitable for on-grid or off-grid solar system and other loads.
  • Good extendibility, 2.5kWh each, easy extend to 5kWh/10kWh/ 15kWh/ 20kWh etc.

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SVC 5kWh LiFePO4 - 48V 100AH Lithium Battery (BMV - Wall Mounted)

1,496,000.001,502,000.00 (-0%)